Although Private Instruction sounds like a rich mans activity, it isn't. I have taught men from all walks of life. They understood the value of what good instruction can do to improve their skills. Topography on my trapline varies and you will see different types of terrain during your visit. I have yet to hear a student didn't walk away with something new to use on their own trap line!

Ed with Craig O'Gorman on my own private instruction. Best money I ever MADE!

To contact me about private instruction, please use the contact form below. Please indicate in the message box what you are after, and I will be happy to respond. I am also happy to help with offering trapping demos at state and national conventions. 

Student Instruction gives you individual attention for your specific Predator Trapping Needs.

Student Trapper Josh Hume with part of his 2012-13 catch of fur.  Josh is a hard hitting trapper and our time together has helped him pull in tons of fur!

Students on private instruction not only get to see me place in sets, but they get one on one instruction putting in some sets themselves. I want to make sure you understand how I run my line through repetition and hands on training.

I do not believe truly successful men and women had good fortune handed to them. By the grace of God, and putting forth the extra effort they made it happen.

-Ed Schneider

The difference between Ordinary and Extra-Ordinary is that one of them gets out of the chair.

-Ed Schneider

Richard Thurman was my first private instructor. Here he is with two amazing Bobcats from Missouri. I run a trap line with Rich every year for a couple of weeks, and we have a lot of fun in the process. Not only did I get a jump on my trap line, but I also gained a good friend!

If you are one of the many trappers getting started into canine trapping, or an experienced trapper looking to take look at canine trapping from a different angle, you may want to consider taking private instruction. Understanding canine and bobcat trapping can take years of work and cost you a lot of money in missed opportunities.

I laid my first steel back in 1970. I have taken private instruction myself with a prolific trapper named Richard Thurman, and one of the best wolfer's in the business named Craig O'Gorman.

A lot of water has passed under my boat, and thousands of miles on my trucks since then, and I can help you by sharing this valuable information and make you a better trapper by teaching you how to put out a trap line for success. Each year I helped trappers improve their skills and they write me with tons of excitement as they climb to a new level of expertise.


Private instruction is not only affordable, but you can make your investment back in the same year you take it!  I  want you to achieve your personal goals on your trap line just as I have. Items we are going to discuss while you are on your instruction are the following:

Trap selection and preparation, Picking out location, set construction, bait and lure selection and how to use them, using attractants, Flat set and dirt hole tips, fur handling and marketing, and trap line management.

Student trappers not only receive quality instruction, but they will also save on bait and lure purchases in the future.

Trapping takes years and years of training to get proficient at making daily catches, not to mention putting up big numbers of animals. Taking private instruction helps you overcome those obsticals quickly and puts you on the fast track of learning. Instruction helps trappers avoid many mistakes made by novice trappers, and takes a much larger look at trapping than attending a demo at a convention. Take the time and look at real world trapping being run on an actual productive trapping line. You will never regret this investment into yourself.

 So what does this cost? First time students will be required to take a 2 day course for $650.00. I ask you pay 50% on the day of booking, and the remainder the day you arrive. Your expense into instruction should be looked as an investment into your skills. If you apply your new skills learned, you will make this money back each and every year! I have a very limited number of openings each year to take students, so please plan ahead and book yours early. This will be an experience you will always remember, and will be able to use this information for the rest of your life.  

The instruction takes place in the beautiful Flint Hills of Kansas just west of Topeka, KS. Located 70 miles from Kansas City International Airport makes this a handy place to fly to. The instruction covers pasture and agricultural topography in the great Mid-West. Hotel lodging not included in the price. I will feed you two meals per day. The instruction can be tailored to your specific needs (after all, I'm working for you!). Find your way to a more profitable trapping experience by booking your private instruction today!