Coyote was caught in a T-Bone set on a two track road. Catty Coyote was the lure used. I used the tall grass in the center of the road as a backing.

Felines Revenge" and "Last Stop" are both paste baits. Both of these baits have a little more versatility. In a dirt hole set, smear a gob around the inside of the dirt hole so more air currents can grab the odors. They can also be used smeared on a staked hide, or placed inside of a hole in a bone.

On the back lip of a dirt hole I use anyone of the following:

"Tallgrass Supreme"-Excellent for sets needing a little more odor for animals to find it. A little skunky, with many undertones in scent to attract the canine.
"Back of the Hole"-An unusual odor to this scent, very attractive to canines and cats. Mild scent over all. Excellent choice when you just want a little extra to draw them in.
"Alpine Call"-This is an old wolfer's secret lure. Thousands of coyotes and wolves have been taken with its intoxicating scent. It is very distinctive from other lures. It is not a loud lure, but has a captivating odor the coyote will want to investigate.
"Catty Coyote"-A very sweet food based lure the coyote will be wanting to eat. Outstanding at a flat set, but just as effective used on the back lip of the dirt hole.

So you see there really is no bad choice here, and you have multiple options at your disposal. I have picked up many doubles using these lures on the back lip and 30 feet away in a T-Bone set using the same lure.

Call Lures such as Carrier, and Kansas Call can both be used in the dirt hole once the temp stays below 25 degrees. But until then I recommend a trapper stick to smearing a gob on a fence post or tree limb near your set location to increase the interest in your location. Experienced trappers that understand rolling action lures can use them with a little more versatility.

Now as the weather gets cold and want to hover around 0 degrees for a high. A trapper may want to add some skunk essence to the baits to increase the odor during this time of year.

I hope this helps,

Ed Schneider

Kansas trapline products


A typical set, place the lure on the tuff of grass on the back lip of the dirt hole set, and bait in the hole. Finish the set, by placing a wad of grass or a pinch of Lambs Wool on top of your bait.

Its easy for me to make a set, throw in some bait, and add a little lure to the back lip of the dirt hole. But I realize there is a lot of new trappers today, and many may be unsure of what to use. Here are a few suggestions on how I use my products, and feel you will be happy with the results.

To begin with, most of my lures were originally designed to be used at a flat set. I wanted an odor the coyote, fox, or cat would be interested in, AND what to eat. Now this is important. Some odors a canine or cat may want on their body (which is what causes rolling.) By using a flat set lure I feel you have many advantages that will make your dirt hole set be more desirable and attractive.

"Schneider's Chunky" and "Woodchopper" are both chunk meat baits. I usually place 1 or 2 chunks into a dirt hole 12-18" in depth.