Gland Lure Examples

Pants Down Coyote Gland Lure

High Hills Coyote Gland Lure

Death Scent Fox Gland Lure

Old Faithful Red Fox Gland Lure

Bobcat Number 1 Gland Lure


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Food lures are perfect for T-Bone sets, Grab and Die Set,  Getter Guns, Dirt hole Sets, Dog Proof Sets, and Pocket Sets. Food lures are an important part of the predator trappers arsenal. Make sure you find out from the lure maker which products they have that are truly considered as food. It can make a significant difference on your success on the trapline.

Gland lures: These lures are one of the most productive tools a trapper can have in his lure pouch. They stimulate the animal smelling them with a variety of emotions. Glands, urines, and scat are a calling card from the donator indicating trespassing, territorial infringement, breeding ability, male or female and I am sure much more than I can understand. Gland lures used properly can increase your fur harvest. It can also cause less dominate predators to leave the area. So using glands more during the later trapping season into the pulp whelping season is to the trappers benefit. Gland lures used a dispersal pup may actually send them running as they are low on the pecking order. Late season trapping is generally when predators are looking to mate, and after March they are having their litters and protecting their territory.  I personally like to use gland lures in areas of coyote travel as they move through the fields. Cattle trails, edges of CRP, Waterways, and fence lines are great locations to find a coyote marking their travel. Using a gland lure here will stir the interest in the predator and has the ability to draw in more adult animals. Adding urine and scat to the set location can increase the effectiveness of the set.

Curiosity Lure: From a lure makers stand point, these wonderful lures generate most of my lure sales. These products are extremely effective on the trapline, but they have their limitations. Castor, skunk, essences of unknown origins are known to draw a trappers interest as they open up a bottle!  The MOST important thing to remember is that most curiosity lures do not have much of a palatability to them, and once the predator sniffs, licks the product they tend to leave with their curiosity satisfied. To make them effective, a trapper needs to get the animal caught before the curiosity is gone.  Many times curiosity lures are used to draw in the predator and a food lure is used nearby or the same set to hold their attention. Long Distance Call Lures are commonly used high on a fencepost or tree limb to get the animal close to our set. Then the set should be able to take over from there. Many good curiosity lure can be used (and should be) used at dirthole sets, but to use them make sure the lure is somewhere away from the predator nose such as along the side of dirthole such as a Charlie Robbins set would allow.

Whatever lures you chose to purchase, have a conversation with the lure maker for recommendations as to its use. If you cant get a straight answer then I would move on. Lures send a message. Understanding what the message is important to our success. There are lures that do cross lines such as matrix scents that appeal to curiosity, glands, and foods and each lure is a little different so have that conversation! If you have any questions about my products feel free to email me and I will be happy to offer you some suggestions.

Best wishes

Ed Schneider

Curiosity Lure Examples

Tallgrass Supreme

Oklahoma Suicide Sauce

Kansas Predator Extreme

Alpine Call

A typical set, place the lure on the tuff of grass on the back lip of the dirt hole set, and bait in the hole. Finish the set, by placing a wad of grass or a pinch of Lambs Wool on top of your bait.

Food Lure Examples

Last Dance

My Last Sunset

Positive Attraction

Kanine Super Kall

Final Approach

Here is some lure choices by catagory

Coyote was caught in a T-Bone set on a two track road. Catty Coyote was the lure used. I used the tall grass in the center of the road as a backing.

Lures can be broken down into separate categories. Food, Gland, Curiosity, and Matrix. I would like to cover at least three of these categories here and make some suggestions.

Food Lures: These lures are pretty much what it sounds like-Food. These products are ideal in situations you are wanting to encourage a predator to be stimulated through its belly. Food lures need to be palatable to the predator. You can create a food "odor" but if you want the animal to spend some time working the set it also needs to be palatable to keep the coyote there. As much as I would like to say every set I make has the animal perfectly guided to get caught before they reach the scent I would be lying and you would see right through me. Factors that hurt my guiding can be wind directional change, snowfall covering the guiding, and the fact that not every predator is going to be the same size. Larger predators simply can reach farther than others. A set made for a bobcat may actually be robbed by a coyote. If your food lure is palatable and difficult to steal, the animal simply loses itself as it tries to clean you out and the next thing they know they have stepped into your trap. Deep dirthole sets may offer a small amount of opportunity for the predator to try and steal, but the longer they spend there, the more likely it is they will be caught.  

Long Call Lure Examples

Kansas Call

Western Call

Minus 9 Lives