Since 1970 I have been trapping furbearers with a great deal of excitement. In my early years I focused on muskrats and raccoon primarily, but as I aged I became more interested in canines. Not only has the predator bug bit me, but I also found many new friends along the way.

I have taken private instruction from Craig L. O'Gorman, and Richard (Rich) Thurman on predator trapping and snaring. Their teaching took me to a whole new level on the predator line. It was always a dream of mine to run a long line, and although I still work a full time job, I make a fair attempt at it each year.


Another exciting time in my life came when I came across 15 sheets of paper with time tested and proven bait and lure formulas. I can not thank the individual enough for the formulations he has given me. For many years I kept those secrets to myself and used them on my own line as I grew comfortable in mixing the ingredients and coming out with a consistent lure.

For many years these lures have nailed down furbearer after furbearer and I can say they are deadly when put in the hands of an experienced trapper. It is exciting for me when a long line trapper purchases some of my lure, comes back and says, "I have been looking for this lure for many years, but felt it has been lost". Well I carry some of the best formulations I have ever used. And you the trapper can count on that I use the very same on my own trapline. Nothing is worse than using a product of poor quality or little practical use.

You will also find products such as Bridger Traps, Coon Daggers, Sifters, and many other necessary trapping hardware in the product pages.

I am always interested in hearing from my customers and of their success. Please feel free to email me your questions.

Good Trapping,

Ed Schneider

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Let the wicked fall into their own nets, while I pass by safely. Psalm 141:10

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Ed Schneider at the JIm Bridger Memorial in independence, Missouri

Ed Schneider on a productive marsh