I am happy to provide you with a great DVD that is filmed in HD, 2 Disk, 3 hours of total lengthTrapline Instruction video! Check out the demo to see a snapshot for yourself! Cost is $35.00-Shipping already included!

Welcome to Kansas Trapline Products! We are now in 2018 and another season has come and gone. Hopefully you had successful 2017 season. As I have done in the past, I am including additional products to my business. I have added some of the Wiebe fur handling products for your fur shed. I am also planning on attending more state conventions this year hoping to meet more of you. I am hoping you will stop by my booth and say hello.

As far as new lures or baits, I have added some cage trapping lures this year which is ideal for the animal control business and home owner. These products specifically name the target animal to make it much easier for the animal control to be successful. I am also adding another getter type of lure later on this season. After a great deal of trapping this past season, I have had tremendous success using gunner lures, and I believe you will too. The newer lure takes a getter lure to a new direction that offers a totally change of odor, and taste. This is important to deal with predator avoidance. Multiple sets with a variety of odors helps to ensure predator removal.

Please take advantage of my YouTube videos as they offer you a variety of sets that are staples on my own trapline that I believe will work for you as well.

I also enjoy sharing information on Facebook through Kansas Trapline Products,  North American Wolfers and the Kansas Trapper Daily.  Please feel free to follow or join.

Another opportunity for the canine/predator trapper is through Private Instruction. If our calendars can work together, I am happy to go to your trapline and offer instruction on your own trapline. I will discuss location, sets, bait and lure usage, as well as areas for you to grow your trapline to improve/increase fur harvest. Rates vary due to location so please contact me for further information. As always I will be working for you and I will focus on areas you feel you want to improve. This is your quickest way towards shortening your learning curve.  Please take a look and through out my online store. Any questions you have please contact me through email and I will reply as soon as I can.

Best wishes,

Ed Schneider

Your Trapping Supply store for Predator Calls, Snares, Snaring Supplies, Coyote Baits and Lures, Fox Baits and Lures, Bobcat Baits and Lures, Fish Oils, Trapping Hardware, Urine, Beaver Lures, Raccoon Lures, Private Instruction, Ingredients such as Castor, Trapping tips and Methods.  

Along with my Partners Richard and Don, We had a great season and shipped over 400 furbearers in 2017-18!

Now then, take up your weapons, your quiver and your bow, and go out to the field and hunt game for me. Genesis 27:3

Pants Down is a great choice when you are wanting some curiosity scents added to your gland. Perfect at scent posts.

Last Stop is a perfect choice when needing a paste bait to go after predators of all species.

Alpine Call is an old Wolfers Secret. Unique pleasant odor canines can't resist. e commerce solutions e commerce platform

Here is some photos of past seasons trapping!

Here is two of the best partners a guy could have. Don Dickerhoof to the left and Richard Johnson standing on the right side of the picture. The three of us trapped over 400 coyotes in the 2017-18 trapping season not counting skunks, badgers, and raccoons in the states of Iowa, Kansas, and South Dakota. The land we trapped on was for the most part new ground to us and never trapped. This meant we had to find unproven locations, locate sign, and start from scratch. Sets were not pre-dug further taking additional time. My products are used in a variety of conditions and they are proven to work in the field, not in a fenced coyote pen!
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